8 Best Crypto wallets for Android (Trusted)

Crypto Wallet For Android

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset or virtual currency that is accessed by only crypto wallets. These wallets need a password or its seed word and the internet to open it. 

Because they are available on the internet or in the browser so the risk of hacking is also improved. And some wallets do not have to forget the password option and recover the crypto option. 

You know billion of dollar bitcoin was lots by people because they forget their password. 

So, read this article till the end

  • You want to safe your cryptocurrency from hackers
  • You can recover your password if forget
  • Want to give minimum charges on trading or withdrawal 

As we know that cryptocurrency, blockchains, AI, and the cloud is becoming popular day by day. But crypto is the hottest word at the time. 

Crypto is a new opportunity for lots of people and simple non-tech-savvy people can also make money with crypto.

So, let’s find out

1. Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X is the most popular Hot (hardware) wallet that makes for keep secure your digital assets from hackers. 

Ledger Nano X - Secure your crypto

To provide a high level of security Ledger nano x use a custom-built OS (BOLOS) and CC EAL5+ certified Secure Element (SE) chip that is verified by ANSSI and the French national cybersecurity agency. 

  • Easy to use
  • Highly secure
  • Defi functionality
  • Attractive design
  • A Hardware wallet that can store more than 5500 crypto
  • Navigation could be simpler
  • On the expensive side
  • Recent Ledger data breach



  • Up to 100 apps
  • USB-C supported
  • Certified secure chip (CC EAL5+)
  • NFTs managing
  • Bluetooth connection

Price: 16,296 INR

2. FTX Wallet For Android

FTX is the fastest growing software wallet in the market that provide minimum charges, margin spot trading, and f&O trading. 

FTX_bitcoin wallet for iOS

To keep secure your crypto coins, information and password, FTX use 2-factor authentication, biometrics security, separate withdrawal password, and OTC. It allows users to use their own digital wallets to transfer cryptocurrency. 

Make sure your login credential (username and password) is not imaginable easily. 

Pros Cons
  • Maker and taker fees start at 0.00% and 0.40%, respectively.
  • Advanced order options
  • Excellent security
  • Margin trading
  • NFT marketplace
  • Mediocre cryptocurrency selection
  • No staking or lending program
  • Not beginner friendly


    • Mobile App: Android and iOS.
    • Staking: Yes
    • Supported Cryptocurrency: 300+


3. CoinBase Wallet:

Coinbase wallet is the second most popular cryptocurrency wallet (HOT wallet) in the market. 

coinbase_crypto and bitcoin wallet for ios

To keep secure customers’ deposits, information, and assets from hackers, they use two-factor authentications, separate passwords, bank-standard encryption, and cold storage. They keep 98% of the crypto coins offline using cold storage in the network. 

And choosing a unique, unimaginable password and user name helps to provide more security. 


Pros Cons
  • User-friendly interface for beginners and experts
  • Support more than 300+ cryptocurrency
  • Fees on the $10 to $200 trade side are 0.99 to 2.99 respectively
  • Opportunities to earn cryptocurrency while learning to
  • Take high transaction fees than other
  • Customer service issues
  • No access to trade many altcoins



Payment Method Coinbase Fee* 
Bank Account 1.49%
USD Wallet  1.49% 
Debit/Credit card 3.99% 
ACH Transfer  Free 
Wire Transfer  $10 incoming, $25 outgoing 
Crypto Conversion  2% 


    • Mobile App: Android and iOS.
    • Staking: Yes
    • Supported Cryptocurrency: 300+


4. Binance Wallet:

Binance is the highly popular and largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world that offer the lowest transaction fees and various option for trading. 

Binance_ Bitcoin & Crypto wallet for iOS

Binance’s wallet or exchange also uses two-factor authentication (2FA)  via the google authenticator app or shorts messages service, address whitelisting, device management, separate passwords, and the ability to restrict device access. 

A Binance user also needs to ensure that their login credentials (username or password) must have unique, strong, or unimaginable.

Pros Cons
  • Support More than 600+ cryptocurrencies 
  • Low fees than other
  • Wide selection of trading options and order types
  • U.S. version is more limited
  • The platform is complex and may be confusing
  • No built-in digital wallet available
  • Binance has run into regulatory trouble in several countries



Payment Type Fees
Wallet  N/A
Debit cards  4.5%
ACH transfer Free
Wire transfer  $15 for U.S. customers
Crypto conversion  N/A
Trades  0.00% to 0.1%
Buy/Sell Crypto 0.50%


    • Mobile App: Android and iOS.
    • Staking: Yes
    • Supported Cryptocurrency: 600+


5. Trust Wallet:

Trust wallet is a type of software wallet (Hot wallet) for new users or experts that allows users to stack or trade crypto coins.

trust bitcoin wallet for ios

It keeps your private key on the local server to secure your wallet. It also provides two-factor authentication, OTP, seed phare backups, face-ID, and Touch ID that keep secure your cryptocurrency.  

As a user, you must ensure that your login credentials are unique and strong. 

Pros Cons
  • Support a huge range of cryptocurrencies
  • Allow staking facility on the high returns
  • For security, it does not store your private password in the wallet’s server
  • UI is easy to understandable
  • Support 1 million + digital assets
  • Not chage any platform fees, you only need to pay only ETH gas fees
Not as secure as hardware wallets.


  • Blockchain support: 53
  • Staking: Yes
  • Available: Android or iOS
  • Download: Free

6. Trezor Model T Wallet

Trezor Model T wallet is a type of cold Wallet (Hardware wallet) that provides advanced digital security solutions. With this app you can quickly transfer your crypto and easily control your funds. 

Trezor Model T _ Trezor crypto wallet for android

It allows you to store bitcoin, tokens, passwords, and other keys with high security. 

In the Trezor Model T hardware wallet, your password, cryptos, and private keys keep offline that providing security from hackers. In this wallet, you can access your digital assets using a PIN code number, and all the transactions and changes are made by pressing the physical button of the wallet. 

To secure your digital asset in includes PIN code, offline storage, 24-word recovery phase, Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), and FIDO2 Authentication.

Pros  Cons
  • Protect crypto coins and tokens,  passwords, and other digital keys from hacks or theft.
  • Network-isolated authentication: They provide a touch screen that helps for verifying and managing all operations.
  • It supports 1200+ crypto coins or tokens
  • Easily back up your entire wallet by using recovery seed (BIP32, BIP39, BIP44, SLIP39).
  • Web browser, Desktop OS, and Android supported
  • No Support iOS and Windows Phone
  • Quite expansive 


5-star customer support

Price: 189 EUR

7. ByBit Wallet for Android:

Bybit is the best crypto trading platform for experienced crypto traders that provides more advanced features. 

Trezor Model T _ Trezor crypto wallet for android

This wallet or platform leverage spot trading options, derivative trading, and margin trading option.

ByBit platform protects user data and personal information with its stringent private policy. This wallet provides two-factor authorisation, manual reviews per day to manage risk, an eight-hour withdrawal option, and an HD cold wallet system.


Pros Cons
  • No KYC is needed for new user
  •  Has Intuitive user interface
  • Rapid and reliable trade speed
  • Upto 100× leverage on crypto
  • Demo account available
  • High bonuses
  • Has insurance fund guarantee to mitigate and cover losses
  • Limited Number of trading pairs 
  • US citizens are not allowed to trade


  • Global network with more than 2 million registered users
  • No deposit fees for crypto deposits
  • Availability of  purchase option through debit and credit cards 
  • Most liquid exchange in the market
  • Staking: yes
  •  Available: iOS, Android

8. Kraken Crypto Wallet

Kraken is a fully functional and centralized Cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and sell assets like bitcoin, Ethereum etc. 

Kraken -Crypto & Bitcoin wallet for iOS

It boasts physical stability and financial stability with wide array of coins. kraken offers two platforms to users- kraken and kraken pro.

Now talk about its security, 95%deposits are in offline and air-gapped cold storage systems. It offers real-time monitoring for suspicious activity, email confirmations for account withdrawals, SSL( secure sockets layer ) to protect users while browsing Kraken. 

Merits Demerits
  • Highly liquid exchange
  • Strong  security measures
  • Variety of educational resources available
  •  Cover wide range of Cryptocurrencies
  • Advance tools and trading features
  • Higher fees than other platforms
  • Not personal wallet service
  • No tax support
  • Slow account funding


  • Supported Cryptocurrency: 120+ coins 
  • Staking:- yes
  • App:- Android,iOS
  • Maker and taker fees:- up to 0.16%


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