9 Ways to Earn Free Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin Without Investment

9 Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency or bitcoin is a buzzword and booming. And its technology blockchain is also one of the most growing technologies. 

So, at that time you can earn free cryptocurrency from learning, trading, referral, or playing on different platforms. 

And you can make as much money as you can.

Cryptocurrency is not allowed in some countries like China, Bangladesh, Egypt, etc. But in some countries 

But on the other side, countries like Argentina, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and Greece are allowing these currencies to increase their purchasing power. 

Here, we will discuss with you authentic or trusted ways to earn cryptocurrency. 

1. Earn coin while Using Web Browser:

CryptoTab Browser earn free bitcoin

Do you want to earn free bitcoin while watching, playing, scrolling, reading, working, and chatting online? 

You can try Crypto tab Browser to generate high passive income from home. Tell your friend about it to increase your income and invite them to join. 

How does it work?

As we know that when we contribute to the mining of blocks or nodes in the bitcoin network, all the miners get bitcoins as a reward. This reward system depends on your mining contribution.

Crypto Tab Browser is a web browser integrated with the bitcoin mining algorithm. This browser allows you to earn free bitcoins while browsing your web.

This browser provides all the important features you need. Mining system running in the background of your browser. 

Why should you download it?

  1. Earn money while using the web browser. Invite your friends and Grow your network to set up a passive income. 
  2. It provides a built-in mining algorithm that runs in the background of your browser.
  3. Easily switch from chrome browser to crypto web browser. Also, import data, bookmarks, and passwords with just a few clicks. 
  4. It also supports all your Chrome extensions and you can install extensions as per your requirement.
  5. Use this crypto browser on all of your devices. 

Download Crypto tab Browser To Earn Free Coins

2. CoinTiply:

Cointiply Bitcoin Rewards - Earn Free Bitcoin

Do you know how much time you waste or spend in watching videos, playing fun games, online shopping, and other things? 

Now, start utilizing your free time and earning money. Cointiply is a website that gives bitcoin or other crypto coins as a reward when we play games, solves quizzes, and perform various activities.

How do you get paid?

cointiply earch free bitcoin

Cointiply gives different options to win the reward as a coin. First signup and complete your profile, then you need to do activities Like: 

  • Earn Reward by Playing games from your mobile and desktop device
  • Attempt and complete tasks to earn coins
  • Complete quick offer 
  • Share your thought by attempting to survey
  • Watch online videos or start shopping to earn coin

After earning a certain amount ($3) of coins you can withdraw it in your crypto wallet.

Create Free Account on Cointiply & Get Free bonus

3. Earn By Learning:

Are you a student, reader, and learner, and if you want to learn about cryptocurrency? Then check out these sites for learning.

Coinbase Earn:

Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that allows transferring, buying, selling, trading, and receiving cryptocurrency.

Coinbase Earn is an educational initiative that helps to learn and become aware of cryptocurrencies.

How does Coinbase earn work?

Earn free crypto while learning

  1. First, you need to create a free account on Coinbase base
  2. Watch videos and learn about available cryptocurrencies. 
  3. After each tutorial, you need to resolve a quiz
  4. And you can earn free cryptocurrency

Create Free Account on Coinbase

4. Earning Bitcoin from Trading

earn Cryptocurrency by trading

Crypto Trading is another cost-effective and authentic way of earning cryptocurrency. The Crypto market is different from the stock market. In the stock market, you bet on companies but in the crypto market, you bet on the cryptocurrency.

Trading takes lots of time in learning, researching, and buying or selling cryptos. 

How does Crypto trading Work?
There are various trading platforms available that help to trade. 

For Example

  • Binance
  • Bybit
  • Binance futures

Register yourself on one of the trading accounts. And do trading.

The basic concept is investing in various cryptocurrencies when the crypto market is bearish and short /selling them during a bull run.

Many times they give better returns than the stock market. Don’t believe in referral coins or tips. 

For investment do your own research and do it yourself.

5. Start Playing Games and Earn Bitcoin

earn bitcoin while play games

Earning crypto by playing is a better option for those people who love to play games and spend their time in fun games. 

This game is available in various countries that list is here.


Now, need to connect Zebedee infuse client with your ZBD wallet account.

After connecting your account, it shows you all the servers or matches with entrance fees.

6. Earn Cryptocurrency While Shopping

Earn Free Bitcoin When You Shop Online

It’s time to save money while spending money online on shopping. This is a better option for those people (especially women) who love to shopping.

Bitrefill or Lolli are both crypto reward apps that give you bitcoin when you buy something online. 

It supports various popular retail shops that you use on a daily basis to fulfill your needs. 

How can you save money?

  • Go on the Lolli website and create a free account. 
  • Download the Lolli chrome extension
  • Anytime, When you shop online from its partner stores, you will earn free bitcoin reward 

Let’s start, its one-time setup

Create Free Account on Lolli & Earn Free Bitcoin

7. Do Work For Bitcoin

Completing a specific task online is one of the most legit and easiest ways to get free bitcoins without mining.

If you have expertise in any field such as designer, developer, singer, creator, marketer, freelancer, writer, or engineer, you can do work to earn Bitcoin. 

Also, you can earn while taking surveys, answering questions, retweeting the posts, or doing other small tasks. 

Various platforms are available that offer bitcoin in exchange for your work.

For Example: 

8. Lending Bitcoin

If you own some bitcoin, and you don’t know how to make more money by using bitcoin. Then you can lend your bitcoin to the borrowers and you can earn a specific interest. 

There are some peer-to-peer bitcoin leading platforms available that connect borrowers with the crypto owners. 

They give a 3%-8% return on your investment in the form of bitcoins.

A website like blockfi provides loans in a form of bitcoin. 

Note: Getting a bitcoin loan is highly unregulated. You must choose the right borrower for your bitcoin. And follow all the related policies.

Some Platform for leading cryptocurrencies such as

  • Zebpay
  • Benzinga
  • Binanace

9. Earn Bitcoin by Helping People

This is another way of earning bitcoin but this is not effective. But maybe this has a good option for those people who are interested in helping other people.

Bitfortip is a mobile and desktop platform where you can help other people and you get the crypto coins as a incentive. 

When you give right answer of the asked question on the platform then you receive crypto coin tip as a reward for your answer.  

It is similar to quora but quora not give you money for your answer.

Bitfortip platform is available in 11 international language.

Lets see in a question that is asked on the platform

bitfortip earn free crypto

Now you can see the answer come on that question
earn free bitcoin while answering question

Now it’s your turn:

Are you already earn bitcoin for free?  How has your experience been? I want to know more super, free, and effective ways to earn cryptocurrency.

Comments below, your experience of earning cryptos, and this article.

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